Optique Durable – your vintage Glasses - David Benhaïm

David isn't just an eccentric who takes photos of dogs wearing glasses.  

He is an experienced licensed optician who opened Optique Durable in 2012. Optique Durable was actually a workshop before becoming a shop. That's why you have to go through the workshop to get to the shop. Our more observant customers notice that some machines date from another century: because Optique Durable is a place imbued with history. More than that, it is a place generating chance encounters and interaction. Artists feel so at home here it has turned into an exhibition space. And the glasses are also works of art with their butterfly frames, round frames, square frames and mixed shapes; shapes for every taste and style.

Spotlight on the artists

If you would like to learn more about the artists exhibiting in our shop, read on.

Optique Durable – your vintage Glasses - Laurent Godard

The slim figures engraved on the steel sheets are the work of Laurent Godard.

Laurent Godard is a multidisciplinary artist making use of different materials and media to express himself – paint, video, theatre, music. He incorporated his experiences into the imaginary village of Flateurville. David and Laurent's encounter has spawned a range of glasses, the Flateuses, the half-round half-square models that are sold in the shop.

Optique Durable – your vintage Glasses - Fred Le Chevalier

Fred Le Chevalier's figures are easily recognizable as they can be seen on walls around Paris.

The pared-down elegant lines of Fred Le Chevalier's graphics pervade with the beauty of poetry. Have you noticed what is different about the works he has displayed in our shop? His characters here all wear glasses. Not surprising given that they were drawn especially for us. His poetic black and white characters never fail to bring a smile to our customers' faces

Optique Durable – your vintage Glasses - Stanislas Zanko

Have a closer look at Stanislas Zanko's magic wand.

The famous and the anonymous alike are photographed through this enchanting prism-on-a-wand. At Optique Durable you can admire his silhouettes and other less well-known pictures. In his work, silhouettes have a blurred effect creating a relationship with a fantasized figure.

Optique Durable – your vintage Glasses - Richard Unglick

Richard Unglick's passion for history, rock and film inspired him to rework iconic images using Playmobil models. His albums of photographs are published by Castermann. Exhibited in the shop is an emblematic picture, printed on aluminium, that you may just recognise.

Optique Durable – your vintage Glasses - Lise bonneau et Guillaume Naturel

Renowned jazz saxophonist Guillaume Naturel and graphic designer Lise Bonneau created a wood, cardboard and latex robot for Optique Durable. It is impossible to miss the discrete smile of Grace Kelly who is raising and lowering her hand across her face; the robot takes pride of place in the shop window and is sure to bring a smile to your face. A well oiled machine amusing young and old.

Optique Durable – your vintage Glasses - Martine Salavize

Martine Salavize exhibits her sculptures and paintings in museums, especially in gardens.

She gives shape to all sorts of materials, including paper, clay and wood, to create beings spawned from dreams. Take a closer look at our sculpture that seems to be made from wood or cardboard; actually it is in concrete. The face in the window is inviting you to enter with a kiss.

Optique Durable on the big screen
Optique Durable – your vintage Glasses

Because of its vast collection of vintage glasses, Optique Durable has often been solicited to help complete the costumes for film or stage characters.

Boule et Bill 2, The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun, The Jewish Cardinal, In the Name of my Daughter, Stop Me Here, La colère du tigre and Chocolate to name just a few. 

What do you mean you haven't seen them all? Take a break!

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Open Tuesday to Saturday 
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